The Money Honey

Choose an appointment type.

Discovery Phone Call

If you’re brand new to what I do, welcome! This call will help you learn more about me and my company, but more importantly it will allow my team and I to dive into what you’re looking for and determine if we can add value to your plan. This is also applicable for people interested in entrepreneurship and looking to interview with my team.

Duration: 15 minutes

Financial Plan

If you’re ready to get started on a well-planned financial future, this is for you. You’ll be meeting with my team and I to gather information needed to put together a comprehensive plan just for you. We do not charge for these plans. Not now, and not ever!

Duration: 1 hour

Client Review

These appointment times are reserved for my existing clients looking to review their plans, make changes, or just do an annual check in. If you’re local and prefer to meet at my office instead of online, please mention that in the additional information section of the booking form. Looking forward to our next time together!

Duration: 1 hour

Team Member Training

If you’re already a part of my agency and I’ve directed you to set time on my calendar to meet, please use this appointment time slot to do so. Mention what we’ll be discussing and whether or not we are meeting in person or via zoom in the notes section. See you at the top!

Duration: 45 minutes

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